Planning Ahead

“He has peace who looks to the welfare of his family…when he is with them and when he is away.” Talmud

It is an ancient Jewish custom to purchase a gravesite during one’s lifetime. The Bible states that Abraham bought the gravesite for Sarah, and Joseph was buried in the family plot that his father Jacob acquired in Shechem.

Preplanning for the end of life by making your cemetery property purchase before the need arises is truly a gift you give to each other and to your loved ones.

By making these choices now, you ensure peace of mind for yourself, and you know that your family will not have to make difficult decisions at a very trying time. Pre-planning also removes the financial burden from your loved ones by locking in the price and avoiding potential increases at a later date. Interest-free payment options are available. At Mt. Sinai, we consider pre-planning as important a security for your family as a will or life insurance.

Mt. Sinai’s staff is caring, knowledgeable and patient, and will listen to your personal requests to ensure your wishes are carried out as you desire. We are particularly mindful of our responsibility to provide guidance and counsel, care and compassion to all who seek our services.

At a time of loss, great comfort comes from embracing the rich traditions of our Jewish faith.